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All About Truck Mounted Crane

Crane trucks are generally speaking the workhorse of the transport industry getting the jobs that are very hard to get to done like it was never an issue! A clear example is truck mounted cranes are used in situations where forklift access is restricted making the crane truck the ideal choice for the situation! In almost every scenario a crane truck has required the access to the site is always limited! But for this specialty vehicles, they are designed for it!

What is a truck mounted crane?

A truck mounted crane is a truck that has the capacity and capability to lift objects of a certain weight and dimension. When referencing what is a truck mounted crane it is essentially a commercial graded vehicle with a crane mounted on the back of it that is used to lift objects from one location to another powered by hydraulic pressure.

How to install a truck bed crane?

A truck bed crane is installed on the back of a light four-wheel drive utility vehicle. These are mobile vehicles that are used for small operational jobs that can only lift a certain weight capacity. They have the capacity to lift small to medium loads depending on what the objects are essentially the capacity would be close to 50 to 400 kilos at the max.

What is a crane truck?

A crane truck is a commercially equipped vehicle that has a mounted crane on either the front, behind the passenger cab or mounted on the rear of the vehicle that is placed to be used for operational purposes picking uploads from one point to another.

How to mount a truck crane?

The truck crane mount has to be done by a licensed professional operating in the state of New South Wales Australia. The driver has to be licensed in accordance with the legislation that allows a company to install a hiab or fatty cream onto a commercially grader truck depending on the size of the truck it can be anywhere from a 4 tonne vehicle 2 a 12 tonne vehicle.

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